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FAQ ThermaFresh™ Recycled Cardboard Picnic Cooler

What is the ThermaFresh™ picnic cooler made of?

The outer shell of the camping cooler is composed entirely of FSC® certified cardboard. The inside insulating shell, made of honeycomb paperboard, is covered with a metalized film liner. This portable cooler is made of 70% recycled cardboard and is recyclable in your recycling bin.

What are the dimensions of the cooler?

The recycled cardboard cooler is 51 cm long x 33.5 cm large x 29 cm high (20" x 13¼" x 11½")

How many litres can it hold?

The ThermaFresh™ cooler can hold up to 30 litres

Are there different sizes?

At the moment, only one size is available. But other sizes will be available shortly!

Is it reusable?

Lined with a NorShield™ waterproof coating, the cardboard cooler is weatherproof, which enables it to be reused!

Is it as effective as a limited-use traditional camping cooler?

Yes, the thermal performance of the Cascades ThermaFresh™ recycled cardboard cooler is identical to that of single-use coolers, besides being composed of recycled materials and being recyclable!


Can I recycle the cooler?

Yes, the cooler is recyclable; only the metalized film liner is not. However, this is not an obstacle to recycling the cardboard which represents 95% of the total product: therefore you can put your cooler in your recycling bin once the useful life of the cooler is over!

Is the ThermaFresh™ cooler environmentally sound?

Because it is composed of 70% recycled cardboard, the recycled cardboard cooler is an effective replacement for limited-use coolers that are not recyclable. Moreover, the outer shell is FSC certified and the cooler is recyclable, which makes the ThermaFresh™ cooler an eco-responsible choice!

FAQ Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree


What kind of carton is used to make the product?

The Christmas trees are made of recycled cardboard which is a high quality product not to be mixed up with corrugated carton used in regular packaging boxes.

The Kid's House is made of corrugated carton.

What colors and finishes are available?

The Christmas trees are available in up to three colors/finishes, depending on the model chosen.

The White version is completely white and ideal for either a very clean and pure look, or for kids to dray and decorate any which way they feel like.

The Green version is completely green for a more traditional look.

The Christmas tree of yesteryear model is made of white cardboard and printed with green designs. Another tree model is also available, printed with tree branches, which it makes it very similar to a natural tree.

The Printed version is of a natural carton color at the base with some patterns printed on top of it in green and silver.  One side of every piece is green, while the other side is silver.  When you assemble the tree, you decide which side you want to put facing you.

The Kid's House is of the natural color of unprinted carton.

Are any decorations supplied with the trees?

The Classico model has no decorations supplied. 

The Moderno and Piccolo models are supplied with an assortment of stars and round cut-outs to affix to the large sections of the trees.  Please consult the pictures where you will be able to see them very clearly.  You decide if you want to install the supplied decorations – you do not have to install them. 

Can I decorate my tree?

Absolutely!  Look at the pictures of the Classico tree to get some inspiration. 

It is possible to drill holes at the end of the "branches" of the Classico to attach hanging decorations.  Use an electric drill with the appropriate bit for your hanging decorations attachment.  It is strongly suggested that you drill the hole while the panel being drilled is flat with a piece of scrap wood underneath – this way you will do it safely and you will have a nice clean hole. 

The white version is the color best suited to paint or draw on the tree.   

Can I color/paint/customize my tree?

Most certainly!  Look at the pictures of the Classico tree to get some inspiration.  The white version is the color best suited to paint or draw on the tree.

What are the dimensions of the products?

The cardboard used for the trees is 3.715mm or 1/8" thick.

The Massimo is 198.12 cm (6½') tall and 104.14 cm (41") in diameter.

The Classico measures 104cm/41" in height with a diameter of 71cm/28".

The Moderno measures 132cm/52" in height with a width and depth of 74cm/29".

The Piccolo measures 60cm/24" in height with a width and depth of 33cm/13".

The Children's Cardboard Playhouse is made of traditional corrugated carton and is 91cm/36" wide, 127cm/50" deep and 122cm/48" high.

How do I assemble my tree?

Assembly instructions are printed in box.  In addition, if you want to watch a short video showing how to assemble a tree, please click on this YouTube link.

May I put Christmas lights on my recycled cardboard tree?

It is strongly recommended not to install any type of electrical apparatus on your tree other than LED lights that come with the MASSIMO tree, because the trees are made with a flammable material.

The LED lights that come with the MASSIMO trees are certified IP68. They are thus resistant to the infiltration of dust or liquids. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU NEVER LEAVE YOUR LIGHTS ON OR PLUGGED IN UNATTENDED

May I spray the fir tree mist directly on the cardboard Christmas tree?


Can I reuse my tree year after year?

Definitely!  Carefully disassemble your tree, store it in a dry place and it will be in the same condition one year from now.

Can I use Christmas lights with my tree?

It is not recommended to attach any form of electrical device on the tree.

Where can I install my tree?

It is up to your imagination.  The big trees such as the Classico and Moderno can be installed right on the floor, on a small base to give them even more height, or on a small table.  The Piccolo, being smaller, can be installed almost anywhere: bedroom, office, as a dining table center, on top of furniture, etc.

Can I install my tree outside?

No.  The trees are made of cardboard which will be damaged outside.  Furthermore, the trees are fairly light in weight.

What precautions should I take with my tree?

Flames and intense heat have to be avoided.  No electrical device should be attached to the tree.  Cardboard and water is not a good combination.  A high humidity environment could also get the cardboard to warp.


How ecological is my Christmas tree?

Made with 100 % recycled fibres, the Cascades Christmas Tree is FSC® certified. The raw materials used to manufacture the tree come from the urban forest – your recycling bins – and do not contain any trace of virgin fibres. Resistant enough to reuse for several years, this tree can thus end its life where it began: in your recycling bin.

Can I recycle my Christmas tree?

Yes, simply dispose of it in the recycling bins of your community.

FAQ Recycled cardboard Birdhouse

Is the birdhouse difficult to assemble?

Assembling the birdhouse is easy. It requires no twine or glue. Two screws, nails or staples are enough.

Is the birdhouse resistant?

Yes. The birdhouse is made with NorShield® cardboard which renders it water-repellent thus protecting it against bad weather and extending its life

What is the useful life of the birdhouse?

It will last for approximately one year.

What bird species will use the birdhouse?

This type of shelter will attract many different species of birds, especially the blue tit, the nuthatch and the downy woodpecker.

Can I decorate the recycled cardboard birdhouse?

Absolutely. The bird home can be personalized as you like. You should use wax-crayons because the cardboard is water-repellent !

Where can I set up the birdhouse?

You can hang it from a tree, from the garage, from a shed or from the outdoor wall of the house.

Can the birdhouse be recycled?

The birdhouse can be recycled or added to industrial compost, except for the sub-floor, which must be thrown in the garbage.


FAQ Cardboard Furnishing for Children

What age group is this cardboard furnishing for?

The furniture is for children aged 3 and older. They love having furniture their own size!

How much weight can a chair support?

A chair can support up to 100 lbs.

What type of cardboard is used for the children’s cardboard furniture?

It is 84% recycled cardboard.

Does the furniture come in more than one colour?

Currently, the furnishing comes in Kraft colour or green, and has drawings of mice, cats and cheese. On the tabletop there is a game of cat and mouse, similar to Snakes and Ladders.

Is it easy to assemble?

It is very easy to assemble. The furniture does not require any screws, nails or tools. It only takes a few minutes to completely assemble.

Can you draw on the furniture?

Absolutely. Children can personalize the furniture and unleash their creativity.

Is the furniture water-resistant?

The tabletop is covered in varnish, which makes it resistant to everyday spills.

What precautions should I take with the cardboard furniture?

The furniture must absolutely be kept away from fire or any source of intense heat. A very humid environment can cause the cardboard to warp.

Are the table and chairs sold separately?

Yes, the table and chairs are sold separately.


Is children’s cardboard furniture good for the environment?

Yes, this furniture is a green choice, since 84% of it is recycled cardboard and it is 100% recyclable.

Is the furniture recyclable?


FAQ Recycled Cardboard Briefcase

What is the briefcase made of?

The briefcase is made up of 100% post-consumer cardboard, which is FSC Certified Recycled®.

What colours are available?

The document holder is only available in Kraft colour.

What is the minimum quantity that could be ordered?

The minimum quantity per order is 50 for a generic Cascades pre-printed briefcase.

Can the briefcase be printed with our company logo?

You can customize the briefcase depending on the quantities ordered (500 minimum). Up to four colours can be printed.

Can I recycle the document holder?

Yes, the document holder is recyclable.

Is the cardboard briefcase good for the environment?

Since it is made of 100% recycled cardboard and can be recycled after use, the briefcase is printed using water-based inks, which is a green solution that completely respects the environment.

FAQ Garden Waste Bag

What is the Cascades Enviro Kraft Garden Waste Bag made of?

The bag is made of 100% post-consumer fibres.

How many bags are included in each package?

Each package contains 25 bags.

What are the measurements of the bag?

40.6 cm x 30.5 cm x 89 cm (16" x 12" x 35")

What is the maximum capacity of the bag?

The bag can hold 30 lb of wet leaves and up to 150 lb of dry weight.

Is the bag strong?

The bag is made of two layers of paper, which makes it very strong. Even when wet, the bag is strong and the bottom will not give way.

Is the bag easy to fill?

Yes, a cardboard stand, included in each package, facilitates filling it. All you have to do is insert it inside the bag so that it stands up or lay it down on the ground.

Can we leave the paper bags outside, even in the rain?

Yes, the bag is strong, even what wet. However, you can’t leave it in one place for too long, because the bag will end up giving way when handled.


Is the Cascades Kraft Enviro Bag safe for the environment?

Because it is made of 100% post-consumer fibres, the Cascades Kraft Enviro Bag is biodegradable. It is thus an environmentally sound solution to non-biodegradable plastic bags.

Can I recycle the bag?

If it is not used, the bag can be recycled. However, once it is wet, it can no longer be recycled, but it does remain biodegradable


FAQ Boutique


How do I buy your products?

Our products can only be purchased on the present web site.  They cannot be purchased in store or by phone.

I live outside North America – can I buy your product?

If you live in Europe, the UK or Switzerland, you can go the web site of Reno de Medici to purchase the Christmas trees.  The site has the information as to which countries the trees can be shipped to.  Please visit http://collectionreno.renodemedici.it/

Unfortunately, at this stage, Boutique Cascades cannot sell and ship to any other countries than Canada.

What payment methods can I use to place an order?

Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are accepted.


How can I check my order status?

Please click on the "My Orders" icon in the top right corner.

When can I expect my order?

All orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours following a purchase when we have the products on hand.  If we do not have them on hand but will receive more soon, we will tell you on the product page before you decide to purchase.  And if we do not expect or are uncertain that we will receive new inventory well in time for Christmas, we will also tell you so and you will not be able to order the product.

Delivery time for a Standard shipment is 5 to 7 business days.

You may track your order by going to the Purolator Web site and by using the Purolator delivery number included in the e-mail that you received regarding shipment.

What should I do if I am having trouble placing an order?

You can contact us by using our e-mail form.


What shipping methods are available and what are the rates?

Your products will be sent individually by Purolator.  The rates are very reasonable and are clearly indicated on each product page.

What should I do if I only received a partial shipment?

If you order more than one product at the time, the products could arrive separately as they are shipped individually.

What should I do if I think my shipment is lost?

First, you should use the tracking information and verify on Purolator web site the status of your shipment.  If something is wrong, please contact Customer Service.

What should I do if my shipment arrived damaged?

You should refuse a shipment that arrives damaged.  If the damage to the shipping carton is only superficial, you can accept the shipment.  But if the package is bent, opened or deformed in any significant way, it is your responsibility to refuse the shipment from Purolator.

You should then contact Customer Service to let us know.  We will then either reimburse you or ship you another one.

Product Returns

What is the boutique return policy?

We accept returns.  However, you will be credited the purchase price only, not the shipping charges.  You also have to return the product at your own cost.  Please consult the Customer Service section for all the details.

My Account

How do you use my personal information?

All personal information received from our customers is considered to be confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of our company and service suppliers, unless required by law.  Please consult our Confidentiality Statement on this site for all the details.