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Recycled Cardboard Christmas Trees - Massimo

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77'' X 41"

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100% recycled cardboard Christmas tree 6½ feet tall version on paperboard
Recycled Cardboard Christmas Trees - Massimo
  • Recycled Cardboard Christmas Trees - Massimo


The Massimo tree, made of 100% recycled cardboard, combines modernity and tradition.  Six and a half (6½) feet tall, it is very similar to a traditional tree. The advantage is that it is maintenance-free! Two models are available: the natural tree and the Christmas tree of yesteryear.   

Cardboard lights and stars will adorn the Christmas tree and give it a colourful and traditional style.  Moreover, a set of multi-coloured (natural tree) or red (Christmas tree of yesteryear) LED lights is included with the tree. These lights consume very little energy and operate on very low voltage. They are therefore very safe. However, it is not recommended to leave the lights on for a long time while unattended. Consult our FAQ page for more details.

Natural Fir Tree model: A 65 ml bottle of Aliksir fir tree mist (, composed of 90% organic ingredients, comes with the natural tree model of Christmas tree. The mist will provide the scent of a natural tree which you will be able to control depending on the desired atmosphere. 

Our Christmas Trees are available at the following stores Arthur Quentin and Bleu Nuit and Galerie CO

The tree can be stored flat and reused for many years. Unlike other artificial trees, the Cascades tree can be recycled.

  • Colours: natural tree or Christmas tree of yesteryear 
  • Dimensions assembled: 198.12 cm x 104.14 cm x 104.14 cm (6 1/2' x 41" x 41")
  • Made of sturdy cardboard
  • Easy to assemble, without glue or tools
  • Can be dismantled and reused
  • Easy to store in a small space
  • 100% recycled cardboard
  • Recyclable
  • Made in Canada*
  • Bottle of fir tree mist: 65 ml (available with the natural fir tree model only)
  • LED lights certified IP68 against the infiltration of dust and liquids.


* from recycled fibres recovered in Canada and in the United States.



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