Protective Material

Cascades Protect


For Damage-Free Products

You take the time to make valuable goods. We want to protect them.

Our protective material solutions are customizable and high-performing.




Inner protective packaging is ideal for securing bottles or glass against abrasion, slippage and static​.

  • The abrasion resistant finish protects product labels against scuffing;
  • Stiffness allows a better performance on the packaging line;
  • Provides a high-compression resistance for optimal stacking and reduces outer box costs;
  • Interlocking designs improve handling;
  • Available in corrugated and paperboard.;
  • Custom-made die-cut design and wide range of thicknesses​ available.

Customizable Honeycomb Solutions

Honeycomb solutions are very versatile. They can be used in any product packaging.

  • Lightweight, high-performance, strong and rigid option for protective material;
  • Honeycomb height extends from 3/8" to 6". It can be adapted to your specific cushioning needs with resistance varying between 11 and 80 psi.
  • Solutions are custom-made to meet your product specifications.

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